Dawn Of War 2: Stairmasters

March 4, 2009

Dawn Of War 2: Stairmasters, originally uploaded by Psycho Al.

“I think this was me making my way to a boss fight from a few days ago. I expect my commander is off-screen in the midst of the buggers I’m shooting at. He gets all the best jobs!

Bit of a shame there’s no GUI killing key, and that there are icons over squads no matter what (unless I’m too stupid to have found such toggles yet). It’s a lovely looking game and deserves billions of screenshots in my stream.”

I’m approaching the end now, I think, but this has been tremendous fun. Whilst I can definitely see the point Tom Francis made in his PCGUK review about repetition, it really hasn’t bothered me. This is probably because of the constant progression of character levels and gear, which does tend to engross me in single player games.

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