City Of Heroes: Fifth Anniversary

May 3, 2009

City Of Heroes: Khronos 2, originally uploaded by Psycho Al.
City Of Heroes: Incursion 1City Of Heroes: Incursion 2City Of Heroes: Incursion 3City Of Heroes: Incursion 4City Of Heroes: Khronos 1City Of Heroes: Jade Spider

On the evening of April 28th, City Of Heroes/Villains held its fifth anniversary celebrations. On the Heroside this involved dozens and dozens of Hero characters gathered in the centre of Atlas Park, fighting wave after wave of giant monster enemies spawned by the staff. I was there from 7:30ish until the final spawn at 9 and had great fun. CoX is a flawed MMO in keeping with its age but I’ve hugely enjoyed the time I’ve spent with it on and off over the last few years.

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