January 13, 2009

Alex Hopkinson on Xbox LiveIn years past, when I was a man with more time on my hands, I would update this site semi-regularly with a variety of random bits. Clearly this is never going to happen again, so I’m slowly transitioning this into a basic aggregation of links (to gamercards and xfire profiles, for example) and my Flickr screenshot stream. Perhaps occasional other stuff will end up here or perhaps it will lie largely dead like the old site did, but at least it will be a little better suited to inactivity.

I’m not planning to remove any of the old content, but it will no longer be linked from the front page. If you wish to peruse the old piles of images and whatnot, you can access the old front page through this link. Note that any links back to the main page from the old site will no longer work correctly.

Also there was the old blogger blog, the part that I always forget exists. I’m just going to leave that dead and abandoned for the moment, despite the (probably huge) number of spammy comments it collects.