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Go For It, Domon! Gundam Party - 13/12/02

In the back of the G-Unit manga they have a selection of short strips involving chibi versions of the characters from G-Unit, Gundam X, Gundam Wing and G Gundam. They're quite bizarre and amusing at times so I've reproduced them here. This page covers all the strips in the backs of the translated G-Unit manga released by Tokyopop. The strips in the back of G-Unit are named "Go For It, Domon! Gundam Party". Click on the strip name to view it. Read these right to left.

From G-Unit/Last Outpost Volume 1:

Cheerful Greeting
Mask Variations
Tasty Dream
Moment Of Happiness
No Pocket Games
Thoroughbred Card
This Month's NG
My Name Is...
New Queen
It's A Bite
Show Me Justice
Master Asia
"Not Good" 1
"Not Good" 2
New Model Shoes
Here Comes Wind
Rose Expert
Gundam X Cards

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