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Go For It, Domon W - 26/12/02

In the back of the terrible Gundam Wing manga they have a selection of short strips involving chibi versions of the characters from Gundam Wing and G Gundam. They're quite bizarre and amusing at times (though not as good as the G-UNIT ones) so I've reproduced them here. This page covers all the strips in the back of the first volume of the translated Gundam Wing manga released by Tokyopop. The strips in the back of Gundam Wing are named "Go For It, Domon W". Click on the strip name to view it. These should be read left to right.

From Gundam Wing Volume 1:

What's The New Title?
One More Time On Video
Heero's Mission
New Song Release
Self Introduction
A Senior
Work Trouble
Go Nether Brothers
Girl's Popularity Contest
Beat The Master
Practice Journey
X's Secret
Ultimate Technique
Love Pegasus
Catch Allenby
Gundam Discussion
Transfer Students
Prince Of The Star
Blooper Of The Month 1
Transform! Bird-Mode!
Beat Schwartz
Wrong Cockpit
Happy Duo
Kind Relena
Super King Electric
Blooper Of The Month 2
Brother's Mask
Beat Rain
Combat Technique
Kind Rain
Scary Look
Secret Admirer

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